Jun 7 2021

Cyber Insurance

As an adult, it is likely that you’re at least carrying one insurance policy. Life, renters, auto, home… In fact, it is very likely that you have multiple policies that provide coverage for each and every aspect of your life. This coverage continues beyond your “stuff” and into your well-being with health insurance. While needed…
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Apr 26 2021

Is Facebook trying to normalize security breaches?

In August of 2019, Facebook was the victim of a data breach that compromised information from 533 million people from 106 different countries.  Why is this in the news now?  Because the breach was addressed in a recent email from Facebook management, and that email was accidentally sent to a Belgium-based news outlet and, in that email,…
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Apr 1 2021

Human Aspect of Security

It can be so frustrating to try to convince people that we “know better” than they do.  Especially when it comes to health or safety right?  You want them to know so that you can protect them! It’s like parenting, they need to make mistakes to learn, but nothing too catastrophic. Cybersecurity is not too…
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Mar 22 2021

The Hacker Got Hacked

WeLeakInfo was a data breach site that offered paid subscriptions to users who could then access their searchable database which contained stolen records.  This now defunct site contained 12.5 BILLION records of data that was illegally obtained through various means.  This included names, phone numbers, addresses, passwords, and email addresses. Cybercriminals used this site as…
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Mar 15 2021

A Sigh of Cyber Relief

The passing of the recent COVID-19 relief Bill this week includes funding that will be set aside to address cybersecurity concerns and a rise in the issues that have increased as a result of the pandemic.  As we often say when the topic can become divisive or political, regardless of which side you stand on, this is…
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Mar 10 2021

Hoop Hack Attack

There’s a March Madness of a different kind that happens each year during this time of tournaments: the onslaught of phishing emails that users fall for over and over again. With pools that take place in our offices, among friends, or to the individual who wants to join a group online, hackers are handed a…
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Mar 6 2021

Sextortion Scam

You get an email or text from what seems to be a legitimate email or phone number. Then you read the message: “Send bitcoin right away or else I am sending compromising photos or information to your friends and family.” If you’ve received this type of email, you’ve likely been a victim to a new…
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Jan 13 2021

Home Security

When establishing a safe environment at home, we put locks on the doors, latches on the gate, and home security systems that keep uninvited visitors out, and alert us to any intruders otherwise. What we see is what we address – as is the case with most things and situations. But hidden somewhere in your…
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Nov 26 2020

Traditional vs. Next Gen Firewalls

Is your business being protected by a traditional firewall? If you don’t know, let me explain…
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